Lush oxford street visit February 15th 

Recently I visited the Lush flagship store on Oxford street with my best friend Jemma who is also a ‘lushie ‘ our trips to lush Oxford street are a whole lot of excitement and friendship bonding time. it’s been a while since I’ve posted ( almost a year ) so I thought it was due to post a blog on some recent purchases from the store!

Although I visited a day after Valentines day there was still a plentiful amount of valentines day products available to purchase including the famous bath bomb ” Roller ” upon entering we were greeted by the always lovely and helpful staff who were demoing the comforter bath bomb in the demonstration sinks.

We went upstairs to see the bath bombs and noticed that all of the oxford street products had been put into an ‘ exclusives section’ this was soo helpful as I only wanted to buy exclusives products.

Valentines product display

When we noticed that Metamorphosis was in store we were shocked and jumping for joy as we didn’t know that this has been released in the flagship store. Obviously when we saw Roller was in stock almost 1/4 of the stock went into our basket.

Roller and Metamorphosis bath bomb


Products that I purchased

Metamorphosis bath bomb

Roller bath bomb

Cloak of invisibility bath oil

Sun bath oil

All of these products are Oxford street exclusives the products have attached links if you want to find out more.

Lush Reading the big reveal 

 It’s  Friday April 21st 2017 1pm the doors to the new lush Reading are opened. Greeted by friendly cheers and claps from the staff members- making their customers feel valued and appreciated during their shopping experience.

Lush reading is not just a store they are a family. Anyone who visited the smaller reading store will know how small the store was and will feel so relieved that there is a big and better store!

Everyone who works at lush really up hold the ‘lush life values’ and show this in many ways as possible. The staff as lush Reading always go above and beyond what is expected of a retail worker. When I asked one of the workers what makes you so want to achieve so much there responce was ” it’s because I’m passionate. I’m passionate about excellent customer service and passionate about the company. I love my job” in a nut shell this comment really shows the determination the staff have to provide unique and memorable experiences to their customers.

The new and sparkly store has been designed so well by the interior designers and visual merchandisers. The new airy and spacious store provides lots of room for instore demonstrations and allows for customers to get a more hands on experience.

The new demo sinks are a favourite of mine providing a more realistic show of the bath product.

The store is sectioned into areas one being Skin care – this was my favourite part of the store as there is now the opportunity to have a sit down skin care consultation.

I was lucky enough to spend a good  twenty minutes with a Staff member who worked at lush oxford street and was visiting especially for the store opening. She went through each product used and explained the benefits and ingredients inside.

Next I went over to the hair lab and was given a small hair treatment/styling by the lovely Shaun. He showed me how to get a straight hair style using lush hair products. This part of the experience was really relaxing 

Overall I really enjoyed the whole experience of the Lush Reading Opening and am already planning my next visit ! 

Love and light 

Rezasoph xo

Luverly bath ballistic

This week I will be reviewing two kitchen products the first one will be Luverly bath ballistic .

The scent presents a very strong aroma of floralness from the Ylang Ylang oil and jasmine absolute.first of all when Smelling this I could smell a old fashion talc powder. 

The bomb is quite large is size but does not weigh anymore than a regular bath bomb . A pastel pink in colour with rosebuds that float in the water . A very fast fizz the bomb does not produce a spectacle in the bath but instead a simple flower bud bath with a light pink shade .

I would rate this product a three out of five . I liked the scent but would have liked the scent to last longer in the bath . Overall this is a luverly bath bomb if you like heady floral scents 

Pink custard shower jelly Mother’s Day 2017 Lush 

Pink custard shower jelly ? How can there be a jelly like custard two  very different consistency ? Tubby custard ? Real custard ? 

These were some questions I had when the release of pink custard was first rumoured. I hope this blog clears up a few of these questions in the form of a Review 

Wibbly wobbly Custard or jelly ? 

​​Some people have described this as Twilight shower Jellys younger cousin. Personally I think this incorrect more so a shower Jelly of the popular bath bomb ‘Think Pink ‘ with notes of lavender , tonka , and neroli to lift the spirits through the winter months . On the contrast ingredients such as golden syrup and coconut milk are present which give the product a sweet smell . 
Personally I really like this products however I would recommend to those who want to purchase is to smell the product in the demo bowls it smells much different  with contact of water . 

Metamorphosis bath bomb 

Metamorphosis bath bomb  

This product was first revealed at the Lush Showcase back in September at the Tobacco docks as an exclusive limited edition bath bomb only available to those who attended the showcase.

The bath bomb has recently been released as an Oxford street exclusive. The bomb outer shell is metallic grey in colour and streams grey almost immediately when in contact with the water seconds after colours of yellow , pink and green are revealed leaving the bath water a lighter shade of grey.

With ingredients black pepper , myrrh and cinnamon it creates a smoky’musky scent . Sharing a similar scent to the ever popular Lord of Misrule but being described as Lord Misrules ‘Sexy sister ‘ 
The scent stayed on my skin for at least two hours after I got out the bath. I found my skin was very soft even though there are not any conditioning or mosturising properties in the bath bomb . 
Pricing at £3.95 

Spring bunny bath bomb lush Oxford street 

Another review from the lush Oxford street Spring exclusives is the spring bunny bath bomb 

I picked this bath bomb up for its cuteness and colour and the bomb itself did not disappoint . When fizzing it fizzes short streams of green but overall greats a florescent yellow colour . 

With lemon oil  this bath bomb really does pack a punch with its powerful scent however I found that once fizzed this scent disappeared  quickly . This bath bomb smells what I can only compare to Lemon sherbet sweets – I found that. A lot of the products this year have sweet and fruity tones to them .

I wasn’t a big lover of the product and probably will not be buying it again on the fact I did not like the scent . 

Roller Bath Bomb 


Roller ball is one of a kind bath bomb half melt – this bath bomb really is the bees knees 🐝 

Sharing the same scent as yummy mummy with orange oil and rinks absaloute this product has a strawberry scent to it. With cocoa butter it provides a nourishing bath also leaving skin silky smooth . 

Roller Bath bomb one of the most talked about Bath bombs over the Mother’s Day and spring season sadly though it is a Lush Oxford street exclusive . 

During my recent visit to the flagship store I was excited to see and buy all the spring exclusives – however I went just a day after Mother’s Day out luckily they had an order of the bath bomb and I was lucky to purchase before they flew off the shelve !!

I was impressed by this bath bomb because of its scent and the array of colours this tiny bomb packed in – it was a slow fizzer which meant I was able to enjoy the bath experience for much longer !  

 More to come from the spring Oxford street exclusives soon